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Origin Port

Importers have moved to take control of their product earlier in the supply chain in an attempt to drive down inventory and logistics costs. The result has been a move away from the traditional carriage insurance freight (CIF) or delivered duty unpaid (DDU) incoterms, where the importer had no control over the events covering his orders, to placing orders "ex works" or "factory gate pricing." New World Logistics provides the on-the-ground support at origin to handle the movement of goods direct from the factory. Service flexibility is assured, through regular weekly sailing schedules and multiple departure options to match supply chain needs. Services include:

:: CFCL multiple vendor consolidation and distribution
Coordination and checking of shipments from vendors.
Status reports of location of each PO. Daily inventory reports to project manager.

:: Container loading, color or size - depending on how the consignee wants to receive the goods. New World Logistics understands the importance of proper container loading and has on-the-ground staff to plan and implement these requirements.

:: Consolidations: Container freight stations, the company is able to offer a wide range of cost-efficient consolidation services.

:: Vendor management: New World Logistics works closely with retail vendors to ensure they clearly understand retailer business requirements, including administrative processes, communication standards and physical goods flow.

- Complete FCL and LCL service
- FCL contract management
- LCL container consolidation / deconsolidation
- Forwarding services
- Warehousing & distribution worldwide
- Online cargo tracking
- Document services

Destination Port

New World Logistics partners have all the necessary services in place to movegoods efficiently through the port and to the customer. Well in advance of shipment arrival, received the documents that will allow either customs pre-clearance or completion of customs documentation prior to arrival. The company's document imaging process also enables the importer to review packing lists, invoices, GSP certificates at any time. Customers can identify which product is most in demand, thus allowing the correct container to be delivered fastest. Destination port services include:

:: New World Logistics partners fully understand today's legal and regulatory import/export complexities and offers a range of basic and value-added services to move retail customers' shipments through customs quickly and efficiently.

:: Deconsolidation / Direct-to-store delivery: New World Logistics partners provides import deconsolidation services, cross-docking products and shipping them to regional distribution centres or direct to the store. This reduces transit times and potentially eliminates touch points.