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New World Logistics is the seafreight & airfreight solutions provider. The company's seafreight specialists offer customers highly flexible services (carrier choice), global tracking and monitoring capabilities, and competitive rates. Seafreight is an integral part of global trade. Through partnerships with leading carriers, New World Logistics is able to providing freight capacities and easily adapt to growing trade volumes. - a key benefit when it comes to managing global supply chains. In line with growing demand, the company continues to develop its range of seafreight and related special niche services to provide optimal seafreight solutions for every customer and industry.

New World Logistics provides multi-model and time-definite transportation services complete with customs brokerage, insurance, and internet-based tracking and tracing capabilities that can be customized to meet the industry's unique global transportation needs. During peak seasons, for example, importers can have difficulty securing carrier capacity. Thanks to its shipment volumes and together with strong partnerships with carriers, NWL is able to provide access to multiple sailings and flights per week. New World Logistics has a web-based shipment tracking system. Companies can use the Internet to monitor shipment status and adapt near-real-time processes to capitalize on sourcing flexibility and proactive response to demand changes. New World Logistics network monitoring capability continuously compares expectation and execution. Supply chain failures are identified early triggering contingency plans that can prevent unwanted effects.